About Us

Cable It Office Solutions  is a full services Network Infrastructure and Telecom Company designed to provide LAN consulation, design, installation, testing, documentation, and other office services. We are based out of the Richardson, Texas area were we where founded in 2000 with the vision and focus to have commitment to all. 


Cable It Office Solutions has over 25 years of management background. We take PRIDE in providing our customers with 100% quality 100% of the time.  Our Technicians are trained in-house and certified on the specific solutions your company is requiring, and will carry out the installation with a minimum of disruption to the client's existing system and or office environment.    


We accomplish this by staying abreast of manufacturers product and services and at the same time remain on the leading edge of technology while our customer's reap the benifits of our knowledge.  We also believe in providing our cable installers with the training programs they need to enhance their knowledge in the telecommunication industry.  We invest time and money in new technology to increase our employee's knowledge of the cabling indrustry and pass the knowledge onto our customers. We also stand behind every installation we provide.


All of our cable installers are Certified Data, Voice, and Fiber Installer.  They have Extensive Training on ALL types of test equipment, provide certification of CAT5 and above cabling daily.  They all have an indepth understanding of troubleshooting all types of cabling networks and possess good customer interaction skills.